"April News Update" by SinenSian from Pixiv Fanbox | Kemono


Hello, Hope you having a good time.

Recently I had a bit of Drawing slump, I really wanted to improve my face drawing style so I was focusing on solo practice doodles last few weeks.

I'll continue last month's request drawings soon.

If you didn't know or recently joined,

check this post for random requests & suggestions

About monthly Discord & Archive links, From now on, I'll send Fanbox newsletter every month, so you don't need to send me a message every month :)

(I'll send this month's links very soon right after this post)

If you didn't recive a newsletter, You can always send me a message via Pixiv Message.

If you have any feedbacks or want to talk about, feel free to leave a comment below,

Always, Thanks for the support and have a good day :)