I've been trying to import a lot of creators at once (100+) and every time importer gets stuck after importing 5-10 creators. Is this an expected behavior?

Apologies for the minor hijack, but am I dumb or is this "import from yiff.party" function a relatively new feature?

I only ask because I totally would have been using that in the last week or so.

I have a feeling that this isn't a new feature. Even I didn't know you could import artists through yiff.party

It was added a few months ago

Yeah, the yiff.party importer is really only designed for 1-10 creators at a time. Past that, and you'll want to split them up.

When i try to use it, it keeps skipping over one post.

creator in question is imbapovi
specific post is "Akeno Himejima and hourglass shape spell" which is available in yiff.party and not here despite using the importer

Tripcodes supported
1MB size limit