good riddance. With that deadbeat support sponge now dead, people will start to pay more attention to this site that managed to get better than that shithole in under a year than that place did in over 4 years.

They don't have my fave artists here :(

Does anyone know if this is the only similar site?
I was there for reaction channels (don't crucify me). If anyone wants to import geekedoutnation, fourthwallreactions, chosenonereactions etc that'd be swell... I imported julidg


you should've imported the artists from yiff party to help move your community here sadly

Site's not dead yet, but I don't think it'll last much longer.

I'm trying to import what I can, but instability on both ends isn't helping.

Fuck... Spoke too soon

My only worry is that this site can handle a possible surge in usage. It is kind of slow as it is.

Does anyone know how to ge the direct links to content that was on YP when it was still online? I have tabs open linking directly to pics & files which still work now, such as the legendary Legomans 2019 archive [] but the site went offline before I'd finished grabbing what I could from other artists...

I'm trying to search for those artist names here but I keep getting Cloudflare errors just like we get on Yiff.Party, but a different number (524 instead of 502-504).

I probably have a few I could import (although far from complete collections; just pics I liked enough to save), but the site doesn't seem to be loading any pages except the forum :(

At first it gave (server?) errors when searching for artist names, and now it won't let me even press the "search" button. Hopefully I just came on a bad day when things are going a bit haywire. I got love for the ambition of this site compared to YP.


Down again! Hallelujah!

IF it doesnt reach its target and its gone...
$100 before its gone for good.


It could go down for good this time, solely because IMO the massive raise in asking price was just ridiculous, a way too romantic price to ask.

However, its only the 1st day of the "lockdown grace period", and before it was locked down for IIRC 3 days before the goal was reached. How long this "suspiciously unspecified" grace period actually IS, is anyones guess.

I have been told multiple times that the donation goal is a load of baloney and that they're totally set on autismbux and frankly, I dont know what to believe.

The real issue is that this is happening way too soon. I would have really preferred kemono had fantia support first. No way I can store all that stuff on my own

as of this post, is back up and running, it ain't dead.....yet

Good its back
I tried to use this sute and all i get is error 524

This site is written even worse thanbyiff party


Kemono admin was doing server upgrades; they had a thread (now removed) that said to expect such errors.


i like how it got a lot of basic feature that should have been there in the first place, made easier for user to interact

>1548 Took that as my cue to finish grabbing what I missed, but as of now, less than 24 hours later lol, its dead as a dodo again. What a fucking site, £400 for a site thats broken AF and only works when you're lucky!

Wait. I know yiff is down now, but why did the page load to the incomplete donation again?


Its back up now. Someone apparently donated $1000 ontop of the existing $300, so that should last until around January, but knowing Yiff admins past record for donation handling (EG a $10,000 donation not even lasting 1 year when it should've lasted 10 lol), the less trusting of us are expecting history to simply repeat itself.

it should give us the time to import everything in kemono party before it gets thanos snaps again. but maybe..

>1611 I'll try to import some artists from YP again today but when I was tried lastnight (2 artists with small pages) it failed every time after maybe 5 mins. Hopefully it works this time.

its gone now i guess, can't access it. Getting the $300/400 cached cloudflare donation page

1. The owner of doesn't care about you. Because reasons
2. All that money you sent, you could've bought yourself a Nintendo Switch like the 15 year old in discord told me
3. The site keeps crashing, and the import system still barely works and there's no way filler for my furry gore porn owo
4. All the files leeched here are just low res crappy pics since all of the imports are 1$ tier leeches, give me fucking 15$ tier leeches!


Copy/paste harder.

I'd prefer both stay up, seeing as they equally keep going down at inconvenient times...

Tripcodes supported
1MB size limit