It was a good run

imagine where YP would be if the admin of that site wasn't a lazy and greedy scumbag, maybe kemono and YP could've merged together and work together to create a amazing site for us

but nah, YP's admin was fucking shit, R.I.P, kemono shall live on to be better

still up for me

In all honesty, This has to be more better than yiff

Still up, remember to grab what you can.

Hope this site is ready for a possible surge in usage.

this happens every month lmao

It ded

I wanna cry. I didn't import all the artists I follow in yiff party

aaaand it's gone

I'm crying

It's back now it seems.

Gone now.

And it's been really dead now for the last 6 hours or so.

Fun fact, over the last couple days when the site "seemingly" went down, you could actually still access the actual images and stuff stored on the server. This means, if you previously saved the html page for a given artist page as a "complete webpage", you could then view and download the image assets and the like stored on "" and the like.

...but since around 6 hours ago when the site went down, even this stopped working, implying that it truly is in fact down now. The saved web pages are at least still useful for any artists that linked to external sites though.

I said all of this to say that it'd be nice if there was some way to import downloaded content, like there was one artist I downloaded 38 pages and nearly 3GB of stuff. However, I can't think of any way one could prevent abuse, and if you're uploading stuff previously downloaded then you might as well just upload directly to E-Hentai / "Sad Panda" or something.

though, on the other hand....

just died (officially) minutes ago. 502.

I wonder how once it goes down (Which apparently it did), everything which there will be pop here... After searching somes, it seems there are a lot of Patreons which are not here.

it just went down recently, why do people say it's dead? are we sure about that? i was just about to search for an update there

Yup yiff party is down and they too greedy for my taste I liked the site because it was easy to find who I wanted to listen too but like now I’m over all of these “breaks”

I can't help but wonder how long the renewal grace period is...

Last time this happened the site came back the day after. I wouldn't really worry.

yeah, the admin is pretty greedy on that site, currently for me when i go on the site it says that the current amount donated is 300.83 dollars

thats bullshit, i looked into the first btc address and i found that he is very close to the amount needed to keep the site up (396.50) with the money donated on the previous month, he probably could've used that leftover money to pay for the costs

he's done this shit many times before just to make people panic and donate, dudes an asshole

i never quite understand how this works, so the admin doing all these for free? i thought at least some of the donation might go the their personal pocket

The only reason I hope it comes back it's because it's easy to use and creators that aren't on kemono are there. But still, you can't really compare the admin of Yiff with the one from Kemono, that guy is greedy, and just plain rude when he talks to people (referring to Yiff, of course).

>over the last couple days when the site "seemingly" went down, you could actually still access the actual images and stuff stored on the server.

>but since around 6 hours ago when the site went down, even this stopped working, implying that it truly is in fact down now.

This still actually works today. I hadn't finished grabbing up what I wanted before the site went into "lockdown" (like it did a couple months back) but realised Data.Yiff tabs were all still loading, including "Shared Files" tabs, the latter of which isn't surprising though I guess lol.

it'll be back, is like a cockroach, it's gonna survive

Fuck that hoe site. How hard is it to make the donation goal update automatically in 20 fucking 20? At least don't GIVE people reason to assume you're greedy.

I don't know how you guys know the actual amount donated, but has the goal actually been met but the admin didn't update it yet?


> This still actually works today.

This must depend on the artist or something, because it isn't working with the artist I was in the middle of saving stuff from when the site went down the final time ~18 hours ago.

Here's a random link for example that you can see does not work:

...what the crap.

The link works. Wat.

......wait a minute, my download manager seems to have an inproperly formatted save path - I've been trying to save to T:\T:\[artist name].

In other words, it's all just been a PEBKAC error.

So yeah, now I kind of wish I saved more of those completed HTML pages now that I know they even work during any such "grace period". Nevertheless, I already downloaded the artists I particularly care about so not much was really lost.

I feel like the site is running at auto-pilot, the donation progress wasn't updated when the site was still up, the warning about remaining days to donate didn't show, the site went on lockdown even though donation goal was met yesterday (I think it was, but I could be wrong). I hope admin is just busy with something else and still cares about the site

Hey so the donation for October has also been met?? Someone must've donated a shit ton

>Someone must've donated a shit ton

A whopping $1000, supposedly

Several people donated $1300 in total. Place your bets how soon admin will start asking for money again.

Shit really?? He better start working on the site more. Specially a way to prevent shared files spam.

The site is down, though


>Place your bets how soon admin will start asking for money again

$1300 was donated? Then I'm guessing he'll be asking for donations starting in Janur- I mean this month lol.

$1000 for slow loading and 504 timeouts? lol

>$1000 for slow loading and 504 timeouts? lol
Don't try to understand coomers. Their porn is the only thing they do have in their pathethic life.

well, I shallbe the one to spoil the happiness and joy of those who liked that is gone, because as of this post here, its up and running

And as of now, its down & out, again FFS lol. Nah I don't want to see the site die; I like both sites, but Yiff.Party pisses me off (and pisses everyone about) a LOT. Not to mention the admin is a cocky POS. This site on the other hand, it supports way more sites despite being much younger, it doesn't keep pissing us about, and the admin seems to actually care about his site, so I got more respect & optimism for this place.

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