Howdy, I don't know much about Yagami (he posts like ASMR stuff??) but I'm worried about how the spam, bwgging and drama surrounding him may affect kemono, flooding requests and filling the servers. I don't know what the best actions to do are, but my best guess is to just ban him from kemono.

Any thoughts on this?

There are multiple anti-spam mechanisms in place, so Kemono should be fine.

Myu is a girl by the way! She’s okay with any pronouns but i thought i’d let you know she is a female.


Where the fuck did all these fujoshi come from?

do you even know what fujoshi means or are you just throwing around a word

Guys what the hell are you arguing about? Just let it go, nobody cares. Enjoy the free content here in silence like everyone else.


TBH, at least you're putting good measures to use besides the one other deaf AF admin on Yiff.Party

Most of their posts seem to be NSFW ASMR, shouldn't they just be removed according to the rules?

Asmr is allowed. Besides, if there were a problem, wouldn't the admin have mentioned it in the comment they posted before?

Sorry, the wording of that is weird. The "NSFW ASMR" bit is intended to ward off "whispering with tits" types which falls under real porn. Auditory works alone (even erotica) are considered artistic here, and I have no intent to remove this creator or others.

Thank you for answering admin!!

Um, hi. So I can’t seem to find the yagami page on this website and it always times out when I type her name in. Was she removed or is it just the website?

Fujoshi, womanweeb, whatever the fuck. Wherever you came from, go back because your mere presence is obnoxious.

Hi. Sorry for bothering does anyone have the new kuroo audio? Thanks for reading.

Just because yiff is down doesn’t mean you can request here. Just wait

Hi everyone, hope you all are doing well. Just wanna tell y’all I love you and I wanna kiss ur foreheads

Guys. I know you mean well with your comments and stuff. But this isn't a place to request nor to ask if we're doing okay. This thread was just to ask a question and it was answered. That's it.

The Requests section already has multiple separate requests for the same files in the past few days(sort by Date Posted & Descending), 10 posts since the 1st mostly for the same file.

Try not to bring the mess that was happening on over here please.

Tripcodes supported
1MB size limit