This was mentioned in some of the survey responses, so I'll ask here. What do you guys think of a trial run of ads/sponsorship/etc. on this website? It'd help make Kemono more financially secure as it grows, and avoid monthly donation quotas.

ads it's okay, as long it's less annoying and have better placing

Ads is fine, just mind the placement

I don't really have money to donate (and i prefer to just use it to import new things) and i can live without adblock on this site if it means the server will get some pennies to stay alive. I think some ads wouldn't hurt

ads are completely fine from my point of view, unlike which is already on the edge of dying

BTW the more visitors the more money you'll get, this has always been a good idea

Ads are good but be careful who you buy from

Ads are fine, but for the love of god just make them static banners. Nobody likes pop-ups, autoplay videos, sound, etc in their ads.

Also, if possible, try to avoid ads that link directly to viruses or scams or whatever (although given that this is a piracy pornsite, I guess you won't have a lot of options)

Alright, doing a trial run with E-Hentai's ad network, JuicyAds. Let me know if anything too unsavory shows up, so I can block it on my end.


Awww, who's a cute little admin! You are! You are! You-!

I can accept advertisements, as long as he is not a nuisance.

I'd be willing to whitelist a website on my ublock origin extension for ads, so long as NONE of the ads in question are virus-laden/misleading pieces of SHIT

All the years I dealt with ads, and about 95% of them were nothing more than seemingly innocuous-yet-deadly traps, and the rest were the very few that didnt have any bad stuff in them

Donations that allows people to proiritize requests. For every dollar you get one vote, you get to vote on which requests should be filled first, and which ever three users fills it gets a reward (e.g. voting power, "reward points") think E-Hentai but more modern.

You can enable tips and stuff from the Brave browser. You would probably not get a big amount of money, but it might be able to help. I know yiff has it enabled, might be interesting to at least take a look.

IPFS or P2P caching to reduce load ala EHentai

I know what you mean. More than ten years ago, I whitelisted Funnyjunk for a single day because the admin was constantly bitching publicly about adblockers and making threats. Within a few hours, I had lost that hard drive to malicious ads on the site.

As for the question at hand, maybe allow anonymous donations via gift-cards as well, something like what Private Internet Access does.

This website is auto-redirecting me to "Firefox needs and update INSTALL NOW!!!!!!" pages now when trying to view artist pages. Please fix, this makes it literally impossible to browse artists.

Sorry about that, I was trying a different ad network. I switched Kemono back to the old one for now.

Alright, I contacted the Adsterra guys and the redirects should be gone. Please let me know if they aren't.

After more people reported popups, I just disabled ads entirely for now. Suggestions on anything to try would be appreciated.
(After some thinking, I just re-enabled JuicyAds. Still looking on suggestions on how to stay afloat.)

So far it is working nicely. Admin how much money do these ads bring in? Is it enough to support Kemono?

>how much money do these ads bring in?
Not a lot. JuicyAds has paid $1.33 so far, at a rate of about 15 cents per day. For comparison, server costs are around $30-40. Adsterra pays much more (~$1.50 per day) but has unblockable popups and shadier support.
>Is it enough to support Kemono?
Not alone. I'm trying to apply for multiple affiliate programs to supplement ad income, should get a response in a few days.

If there are no reliable/non-shady ad providers, would the monthly donation system Yiff used be a good stopgap/suppliment?

Would it be possible to get in touch with the e-hentai guys about hath? Those of us with server resources i'm sure would be happy to provide storage and image serv capacity to reduce the server costs to the admin.

Still looking for affiliate/referral programs, please suggest any site you guys regularly use.
I'd really like to avoid that. Not fun for anyone and makes things too unstable.
Safe to assume that's E-Hentai only, no?

gonna ask this out the gate, I use adblocker and I dont turn it off, mostly out of laziness more than anything else. If there are ads, will having an adblocker make certain features unaccessible?

I'll never deny features to adblock users. In fact, feel free to enable it if it makes it easier for you to browse the site.

stupid question but does adblock accidentally block site features

just some suggestions \/
try enabling multiple ad networks and add a (enable malicious ads) toggle switch (off by default)

I have a Tiny7 virtual machine and auto clicker don't worry I use linux

how about 3 banners at the bottom and 2 at the side

also add a farm.html page which is filled with ads so we can click it all day

serious question though will this trick get you banned?

>>1306 nice red text can I get one too pwwease

Tripcodes supported
1MB size limit