Okay, maybe I'm just stupid but I can't figure out where fulfilled requests are viewable. I see my request has been fulfilled, which is great, massive thanks to whoever did so. But I'm kinda new here and see no link or button anywhere on the page, nor any related discussion thread or anything and the creator's page has not changed either as far as I can tell. Can someone clear this up? Thx

is this the creator you requested? https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/12673981
if not it looks like other fulfilled requests work

Nah I requested the magic glitch one. I just have no clue what page I need to look at to find it. The creator's page (https://kemono.party/patreon/user/944086) only features the original 7 imported entries and I see no other tab or section for files. Maybe just because I'm coming from yiff.party where all manual uploads are kept in the painfully obvious Shared Files tab, but there is no such thing here, unless I'm mistaken.

your right the post was missing.i did a import from yiff.party which hasnt got the update yet.link here is https://kemono.party/patreon/user/944086/post/34418256 when someone properly fulfils request

Oh, so it WAS supposed to be imported into the creator's gallery? Yeah, seems like the obvious option, no wonder it made me confused to be missing from there. Anyway thanks for the cross-port. I still wonder why the request was marked fulfilled in this case though. I flagged that specific post for a reimport, I hope that fixes it (although I have a feeling it will just pull from YP again so someone will have to manually import it from Paytreon)

the importer is very broken it will often silently fail before importing a creators full archive.forcing import again will sometimes import more but some creators are always missing posts

Weird, should be there. Even if it was caused by the bug I fixed earlier, it shouldn't have marked your post as fulfilled. Will look into it.
That happens? Apologies, I'll make a better import system with proper logging.

In regards to the broken importer, one of the other fulfilled requests seems to be glitched too, it says it was fulfilled but its missing 66 posts, it only uploaded 11 out of 77, missing basically all the stuff in the middle only uploading the latest posts and a couple of the earliest ones

I tried to import a Fanbox artist who has their posts viewable by anyone, but it doesn't seem to work. Do you still have to donate in order for the session key to actually import anything?

If you aren't a patron of the artist you wish to import, Kemono can't download anything. (thought that was obvious...)

Thought so, just wasn't sure if that was the case with free posts too (I had never tried importing anything til now).

yes it happens please test with patreon creator soi importing from yiff.party that was 1 of about 10 i tried updating that would nt finish but i havent tried again now to see if its fixed

I've also noticed that the yiff.party importer sometimes doesn't grab image attachments and will just import the main image.
Also something fucked up when importing cewljoke's page (probably not the only one). It duplicated half of the posts from yiff.party and left behind the other half, so even though it says it imported all 32 posts only 15 are unique (and like I said above some posts are missing attachments).

My mistake, it's actually 28 unique posts (still missing 4), but the rest of my post still stands.

>I've also noticed that the yiff.party importer sometimes doesn't grab image attachments and will just import the main image.
That'd be an issue with YP's API. Noticed it happening a few times now, so might switch to HTML scraping.
>It duplicated half of the posts from yiff.party and left behind the other half
Hmm, did you accidentally click the button twice? That could cause multiple workers for the same user. (will probably add prevention for this)

>Hmm, did you accidentally click the button twice?
No, I thought the importer had stopped part-way so I tried importing again. Guess I jumped the gun a bit.
Do you think you'll need a reporting feature for duplicate posts or will you be able to set something up to remove them automatically?

Should be able to make an automatic vacuum mechanism, working on other code right now though.

Tripcodes supported
1MB size limit