Welcome to Kemono's new discussion board. This is now the recommended place to contact staff, report issues, make requests, and talk with other users. Just click on any of the threads under "List" or make your own with "New" to get started!

Most things work about how you would expect, save one or two features. I've chosen to implement the board from scratch, so please wait for me to get it on par with other software.

If you're looking to get in contact with staff immediately, you can get faster responses in the development Telegram.

Enjoy your stay, and keep it comfy (...please)







Been wondering when this would get a discussion board, great to see one up now. Could I request a few artists be imported?

I remember seeing a post that there's some work being done on stripping the watermarks from the protected Gumroad pdfs. Is this done already?

Will we be able to search service/platform by most recently updated artists soon?

Unfortunately, options for doing this in Node.js are extremely limited. You'll probably just have to edit and upload them manually (when the shared files feature comes out)
Working on it.

Can someone update :


Can someone update :


Please make requests in the proper thread.

The DLsite importer may have been downloading login redirects instead of the actual file due to missing cookies, please reimport.

Are multipart archives from DLsite supposed already?

Fixed support for them today, try reimporting.


I'm surprised how there is a tripcode support, but you can't click on the post number to add the quote without copying it manually

is yiff.party importer need time to importing?

Ayyyy Kemono has a board now!!

>index is limited to 25 posts
fuck how do i archive the board
speaking of archive can we save the YP bbs text only we need an uncensored place to talk about ((dozes)) which i got banned for mentioning there
also can i get a temp ban plz (put my IP in the bans page)

just use python or c++ stuff also is this board custom made i kinda want a mlpol styled board

>fuck how do i archive the board
The posts aren't deleted, just hidden (pseudo bump/prune system) You should be able to visit or archive.li them if you still have the URL.
Don't know who/what that is, but >keep it comfy and stay reasonable on topic to artists and paywall piracy.
...not implemented yet
>is this board custom
>yotsuba theming
Wouldn't that look pretty out of place though?

I would like to suggest a "Download All" button to download every image by an artist in one go for easier archiving

Fanbox hasn't been updated for a long time?



Kemono is now using Postgres, which should bring much needed speed and performance benefits. Please wait a day or so to allow older posts to migrate over to the new database.
The anime's alright.

So after the migratation, how long until the option to search artists by the latest update will be added.

based postgres


Sort by Date Indexed is gone, is that new link supposed to be it's replacement?

Was temporarily removed because the way it worked was dependent on MongoDB's generated IDs. Going to add it back, but the order might be shifted around for anything pre-migration.

Honestly I gotta say, you are such a refreshing change of pace from the guy running YP, the simple fact that you actually seem present and interactive makes a world of difference.

Trying to debug an issue with Kemono's codebase, so there will be intermittent downtime for the next hour as I try to get memory/CPU snapshots.

With yiff party looking like it could shut down by the end of this month I’m glad this place exists

Does this issue have anything to do with patrons showing as "up to date" yet missing dozens and or more recent posts, cause I'm seeing a few accounts that say this but they're missing months worth of content.

It should be accurate, as the indicator is comparing against the reported amount from the API. That being said, that number is completely arbitrary and Patreon could be fudging it somehow. Could also be the cache, but it revalidates every couple of days and definitely wouldn't be behind by months.

Well here's two examples I've found that say they're up to date, but the first is missing the last 7 months and the second is 3 months, and both patreons have had regular updates since then.
But they are both in the recent update section, if that has anything to do with it.

Those 2 dates also reflect the last time they were manually updated by an actual user on YP.

Yeah, something's wrong here. The first link you posted reports 59 posts on Patreon's side, but has 419 posts on our server. Will look into it, thanks.

The new request system is out. Hopefully this will give some structure to requesting, and eventually replace request threads entirely. Everything's automated, so please make sure you are filling out the form correctly.
Voting is currently broken though, working on getting it fixed.

If your request was closed without fulfillment, you didn't enter a valid user ID. Try again after reading the instructions more carefully.

What do we do for Subscribe Star requests that contain "-"?
Tried to request
But the dashes arent accepted, cause it isn't a number/letter

Good job on updating EQAMRD just one tiny problem the same mistake that Yiff.Party did the last 3 animations links just go to his patreon

Trying to tweak the thumbnail generator to hopefully make it less of a bottleneck on the entire website. Expect slower thumbnail generation and brief 502s for the next couple of hours.
Rolled that back, you should now be able to enter whatever.

Does this site let artists have more then one service assigned to them?

I've only looked a little bit but haven't found an artist with two or more services under their name. For an example, Anaugi an artist I like has his service set as Patreon, but he also has content on Gumroad not on his Patreon that I would like to request to be uploaded, but I don't know if this site can let Anaugi have his name be under both Patreon and Gumroad services at the same time.

There's no constraint on the names, you should be able to import different services with no issues.

orlly https://archive.is/JI0iL

also why not make a text only mode for banned creators (just blacklist certain file types on the script)

also how much space exactly does one thot take up
(YP pays 400 sheckels now)

>>1003 >1
where the hell do you even get those reaction pics

also make a swfchan styled board (swf show disc gg fap are just one board but grouped into 5 boards also look at the overview post style)
and the ability to move posts turn threads into comments and vice versa (for off topic stuff and requests)
make a reddit styled tree forum

>How should Kemono implement tagging?

IF one of the few things needs to be changed is the stability of the website. Because one during importing said page, it will take awhile or having the website crash at any moment .

- Stability of the site
- Another to verify if the said link from patreon pages is working or not. At least that way, it can be underlined on top of the said link to say that the link of the rewards are unavailable or deleted. (Since majority of Patreons are aware of their rewards getting leaked, they might resort to give them links via DM to access said rewards to their patrons)

- Another to be able to upload files from creators, either patreon, gumroad, fanbox and etc. That way if a certain amount of the post is met, they can at least a have a dedicated page for their rewards and if someone will import said paysite, they might be able to update and classify their rewards on their tiers.

- Lastly, image searching base on the images. Makes it easier to look up old artist. Since Y!gallery had a lot of fanart that was erased before it even got archived.

Just one of the few I have on top of my head.

Any chance you could add the recently updated feature to the sort by function on the list page?

The current set up is fine, but it's limited to 50, and not very useful past that.

It requires an entirely different kind of query in the backend, which is why it should ideally be separate on the website.

Sorry about the performance issues, was testing generating our own thumbnails again (sadly don't have the CPU for it yet)

Request system needs tweaking there are a number of "fulfilled" requests that haven't been fulfilled, seems that ANY upload/import will make it count as fullfilled even if not the right tier/price, or just a reupload.
One example is a request I made sept 11, that has been "fullfilled", but I checked the uploads, not a single thing has been imported since the end of july, over a month before the request was made, there's a number more where all that seems to have been imported were free posts, but they're counted towards fulfillment for priced requests.

Good luck with the site. Since I heard about this place a couple months back, I knew it had a lot more ambition & scope than YP so I really hope it can reach its full potential and get the support it needs!

there legit chinese paysite that could you put it in here

instead of deleting threads why not just hide them for the sake of competition
also speaking of delete DO NOT add the ability to self delete post (it encourages people to be self righteous)
I have seen this experiment on another imageboard/forum (trust me)
also if you plan on adding a report system do not put the report button next to the post (it encourages them to act harshly on opposing beliefs)
sorry if this is not the right place for politics but the reddit situation has been bugging me lately (just ignore this post if you don't know how 2 respond formally)

also speaking of censorship do you think thot dissent/should be censored here as well (thanks banlist)
and what do you think of autism overall on the chans (i need help me writing and essay)

>1642 completion whoops and sorry 4 spam/off topic above
(I also forgot to include reaction/asrm people)

is there a way for me to scrape/backup the YP bbs (threads never expire lol)
HTTrack fails to do its job even with the filters applied to it

speaking of backup how often do you backup the site (1tb seagate drives cost 3K php on shopee)

more suggestions increase the index to 100 posts for the lulz cuz why not

I wanna backup the attachments on the yagami shared files any way to download everything at once

sorry for my stupid question (and grammar) nobody seems to respond on YP (I don't wanna get banned (again (and again)))

》1430 what's this benchmark for and what CPU do you use (I'm curious)

Tripcodes supported
1MB size limit